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Artist: unknown - Identifying the artist behind an artwork

Yōichi Kotabe: 60 years of animation and video games

Yoshitaka Tamaki


Yoshitaka Tamaki - Animeland #71 - May 2001


From the Akira Toriyama Project to Secret of Mana: the making of the sequel to a Game Boy game (V2)

The people who lent their voices to the characters of Street Fighter II

The announcement of Final Fantasy VII


Gigaleak, preservation, emulation and content spreading

Conference reports and interviews

Akiko Ito, Mei Erikawa and the Angelique series (August 2021)

Yoshihiro Kishimoto (July 2021)


Over 11GB of concept art, articles, photos and screenshots of cancelled games or development versions

Archives (external links)

Note: some of these articles are being rewritten and will soon be hosted on this website

Designing 2D graphics in the Japanese industry (V2 coming soon)

From chara-design to graphic design: the artists behind Capcom’s 2D fighting game characters

Mitsuo Kodama - From Air Duel and Last Resort to The King of Fighters ‘94 and Daraku Tenshi (V2 coming soon)

Arcade game sales figures (V2 coming soon)

Metal Slug Vs. The world (V2 coming soon)

Video game ad collection

The Konami Picno / ピクノ

The al-Alamiah AX-990, an MSX-1 with Mega Drive hardware bundled inside

A look at the initial Mega Drive line-up as announced in October 1988

Evolution of the Sega Saturn

The Pocket Challenge V2

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