Michio FUKUDA / 福田道生

Former Toei animator.
To be confirmed

Games (in alphabetical order)

Eltale Monsters / エルテイル モンスターズ, AKA Quest 64 (U), AKA Holy Magic Century (E) (N64 - 1998)
Character image design (= character illustrations) (Source: in-game credits)

Konohana: TrueReport / 此花 トゥルーレポート (PS1, Dreamcast - 2001)
Event graphic (Source: in-game credits)

Konohana 2: Todokanai Requiem / 此花2 ~届かないレクイエム~ (PS2, Dreamcast - 2002)
Event graphic (Source: in-game credits)

Slam Dunk: I Love Basketball / テレビアニメ スラムダンク I Love Basketball (Saturn - 1995)
Key Animation (Source: in-game credits)

Twin Goddesses / ツインゴッデス (PS1 - 1994)
Enemy Design, Character Animation (Source: in-game credits)

Verne World / ヴェルヌワールド (SFC - 1995)
Character design, monster design (Source: credited in the manual)

To be confirmed

Onmyo Taisenki Hasha no In / 陰陽大戦記 覇者の印 (PS2)
Cover art (Source: )

Eltale Monsters
Eltale Monsters

Verne World
Verne World

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